How to Remove Ads From uTorrent

uTorrent, often known as μTorrent, is without a doubt the most popular torrent client for downloading torrents, owing to its lightweight nature and the addition of functionality not seen in other torrent clients.

After acquiring uTorrent in 2006, Bittorrent Inc introduced adverts to the program to generate cash, as corporations require revenue to survive and expand.

Fortunately, Bittorrent Inc provided an option to block adverts in uTorrent, but only for those who understood how to do so.

In this hint, we are going to see how to remove ads from uTorrent without having to pay for the full version.

By the end of the tutorial, you will have an advertisements-free uTorrent, and that too for FREE.

You can watch the video below if you are more of a visual person or skip to follow the written steps.

Steps: How to Remove Ads From uTorrent

Note: Keep in mind that removing ads from uTorrent requires you to change some advanced settings.

In any case, if there’s a setting you don’t know how to access or understand, then leave it as it is. Otherwise, you risk the chance of breaking μTorrent and may not be able to download anything.

Step 1: Launch μTorrent

Open uTorrent and at the top left corner of the screen, click the “optionsbutton, move the cursor over “preferences” and click to open the settings area.

How to Remove Ads From uTorrent

Step 2: Go to Advanced Options

After navigating to the preferences page, click on Advanced” option, as seen in the screenshot below.

How to Remove Ads From uTorrent

Step 3: Modify Advanced Option Values

Once you click on “Advanced”, we will now change the value of some of the entries.

At this point, you may have noticed the “Filter box in the top right corner of the advanced options screen. We will be using the filter bar to quickly find the strings that need to be changed to remove ads from uTorrent.

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How to Remove Ads From uTorrent

In the filter box, type or copy and paste the string below


Once the string is located, change its value from true to “false.” You can simply double click the string and the value should change to false and vise-versa or click the false value at the bottom of the window.

How to Remove Ads From uTorrent

Step 4: Modify Remaining Strings

Now repeat step 4 3 for the rest of the strings below and set their value to false. (copy and paste to avoid typos)


Step 5: Restart uTorrent

After modifying the values of the strings above to False, click “OK” to close and save your changes.

You may have to close and restart uTorrent to see the ad-free uTorrent you ever wanted.

This brings us to the end of how to remove ads from uTorrent.

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